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InfoDesk has developed a state-of-the-art content distribution solution for the acquisition, normalization and processing of information and offers a comprehensive range of intuitive services for personalizing, receiving, viewing, searching, delivering and sharing information in real-time.

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As Unique As Our Clients

heartThe heart of the InfoDesk system is our proprietary technologya secure, resilient, on-demand content transmission protocol that normalizes, transforms and broadcasts real-time data in any XML format over the Internet.


Easy-to-Use-iconInfoDesk - Software as a Service (SaaS)

InfoDesk has developed a powerful and flexible content-on-demand distribution service that allows for the easy acquisition, normalization and processing of information in any format to a wide array of end-user applications or enterprise services. Our services require no software download and can be run in our network of redundant data centers or yours.



Technology Services

RSSiconOur Information Integration Services allow real-time filtering, profiling, broadcasting, routing and caching of information and multimedia. Using our proprietary entitlement and user management services, we can deliver the right story to one user or thousands.


Content Integration

Our specialty is the ability to take any content, data or other information from any provider or source in any format and transform it into a single, ready-to-use, fully-monitored feed that plugs easily into any content management system or application.

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Delivery Optimization

Our Delivery Optimization Service analyzes, normalizes, filters, tags and optimizes all content feeds for more targeted delivery, better search ability and advanced entitlements and tracking.

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Workflow Solutions

InfoDesk also offers a variety of Information Workflow Solutions, including information portals, publishing tools, email alerts, custom newsletters and custom services that help deliver content to users faster and more efficiently.

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