2020 Vision: The Future of Business Information 

Sterling Stites


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President and CEO

Sterling Stites is the founder and Chairman of InfoDesk. Sterling provides exemplary leadership to the company acquired through twenty years of experience in information management technologies and real-time content delivery. When he is not busy leading the InfoDesk team or spearheading new development projects, Sterling practices and teaches Kundalini yoga.

Prior to InfoDesk, he served as Vice President of Development at Dow Jones where he was responsible for the development of a state-of-the-art, real-time global financial and news information delivery system.

Sterling also worked at IBM where he managed the development of key information and electronic commerce products including "World Avenue", one of the first electronic transaction services available on the Internet.  He was President and founder of StarWorks, Inc. and held positions at computer and information companies including Sun Microsystems, AT&T Technologies and Computer Graphic Laboratory.

Team Members

Sterling Stites
President and CEO

Lynn Epstein

Elizabeth Maresca
VP of Product Development