2020 Vision: The Future of Business Information 
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Visionaries Wanted: The Future of Business Information

on September 8, 2016

New InfoDesk and Dow Jones white paper provides roadmap for new breed of digital strategists

InfoDesk and Dow Jones have released “2020 Vision,” a new, complimentary 18-page white paper that examines current trends in business information technology and management and paints a clear picture of where forward-thinking organizations will need to be in the next three to five years to compete effectively in the global market.

2020 Vision focuses on four key areas, beginning with the challenges surrounding the proliferation of data sources and the need for smarter data and ending with the need for greater on-demand personalization and mobility. It is written for a broad audience, including information and knowledge management professionals, IT leaders, senior digital information strategists and other professionals responsible for business information workflow within their organizations.


 Download "2020 Vision" White Paper


According to a McKinsey article cited in the white paper, the underlying problem is “[p]otentially valuable content is frequently trapped in organizational silos, lost in transit from one system to another, bypassed by inadequately tuned data collection systems, or presented in user-unfriendly formats. Although wired with layers of information-gathering technology, organizations still find it difficult to deliver the right data to the right people.”


The white paper cites analysts who agree that, disruption is the new normal, threatening to up-end nearly every industry. To safeguard against disruption, enterprise information processionals, IT teams and a variety of C-suite executives are overhauling their digital strategies and retooling their information infrastructures.


“Smart organizations need to brace an information tsunami the likes of which we’ve never seen before, said Sterling Stites, InfoDesk CEO, commenting on the white paper. “While many companies are investing heavily in Big Data, they cannot afford to overlook the importance of business information workflow.”


Vision 2020 provides a roadmap for the new breed of digital strategists. The white papers examines:

  1. Information Diversity – Understanding how the explosion of information and data has created a new series of digital transformation challenges.
  2. Smarter Data –Which new data technologies promise to improve business information workflow and enhance decision making.
  3. Personalization – How advancements in artificial intelligence and predictive analytics will enhance the business information user experience.
  4. Mobility – Looking beyond the smartphones, tablets and gadgets to how business information will become more portable and increasingly personalized.


With an eye on decision-making, the white paper avoids overly technical discussions of specific technologies, solutions or practices. Instead, it tries to underscore the power of information resources to create competitive advantage.


2020 Vision: The Future of Business Information  (Download Free 18-page White Paper)


The white paper is the first part of the “Visionaries Wanted” educational program co-developed by Dow Jones and InfoDesk for information and knowledge management professionals, IT leaders, senior digital information strategists and other professionals responsible for business information workflow within their organizations.


The Visionaries Wanted series will also include several other educational webinars and special events, featuring industry experts discussing a number the themes, trends and technologies included in this white paper. For more information about upcoming webinars and special events, contact


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