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New InfoDesk Webinar on the Essential Role of Ontologies in the Life Science Industries

on April 25, 2017

InfoDesk, with the Special Libraries Association’s Pharmaceutical & Health Technology (PHT) Division, hosted "Fueling Innovation: Understanding the Role of Ontologies in Biopharmaceutical Research," a complimentary webinar on Tuesday, May 9, at 10:00 a.m. EDT. 

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Fundamentally, ontologies are created to identify and define concepts and their relationships within a subject domain. In the world of biopharmaceutical research, where progress depends heavily on extracting relevant information from enormous repositories of both internal and external data, ontologies play a critical role in supporting interoperability across multiple computer systems and diverse databases.

As life science companies invest more and more heavily in big data and informatics projects, it is important for key decision-makers to have a solid understanding of how ontologies can help -  or undermine - these efforts.  To that end, this webinar was developed for a broad audience of life science decision-makers, including information professionals, researchers, data/information scientists, information architects and IT professionals alike.

In this session, guest speaker Bonnie Snow, InfoDesk’s Director of PharmaIntelligence, provided insights into how and why ontologies are created, examined critical issues that need to be addressed in development, and outlined practical applications they’re designed to support. She also discussed a checklist for evaluating specific ontologies, including significant attributes to consider and important questions to ask. Examples illustrated how, even outside the context of “Big Data” projects, an organization can benefit from ontologies. The Webinar concluded with a forecast of what changes can be anticipated in future ontology development and how biopharmaceutical companies can help fuel innovation in this domain.

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About the Speaker

Bonnie Snow BA, MS

Bonnie Snow joined InfoDesk as Director of PharmaIntelligence in 2013. With more than 35 years of prior experience in the information industry, she has served pharmaceutical corporate customers in a variety of roles, most recently including: Director, Content Analysis & Development, Life Sciences at Thomson Reuters, 2009-2010; Research Director, Clinical Content and Applications, Thomson Scientific, 2006-2008; and Director, Pharmaceutical Market Applications, Dialog, 2000-2006.

Bonnie is widely recognized as a subject specialist, expert searcher, and author.  Her published bibliography of more than 70 journal articles and books includes three editions of Drug Information: A Guide to Current Resources. Her bimonthly “Caduceus” series, contributed to Online and Database magazines from 1985-1995, earned her an award for Excellence in Online Published Columns. She was also featured in the books: Secrets of the Super Searchers (1993) and Super Searchers on Health & Medicine (2000).

For the past four years, Bonnie has been actively involved in ontology development and creation of taxonomy management tools for use by editors supporting innovations in pharmaceutical online research.


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Topics: life sciences, Big Data, Ontologies