2020 Vision: The Future of Business Information 
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2020 Vision: New Webinar Series Focuses on the Future of Business Information

on September 16, 2016

InfoDesk and Dow Jones to present 3-part "2020 Vision" webinar series 


InfoDesk and Dow Jones have announced a complimentary three-part webinar series "2020 Vision: The Future of Business Information."  The first webinar in the series, “’Information Diversity 2020: From the End of Chaos to a Tailored Smart Knowledge Service,” will feature digital transformation and information analyst J-P De Clerck. The webinar will be held on Thursday, September 29 at 10:00 a.m. EDT.


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[Note: this webinar will be recorded. The recording and slides will be made available to all registrants]


In the past two years alone, according to a Forbes article recently cited in a 2020 Vision white paper, more data has been created than in the entire history of the human race. The article predicts that “By 2020, 1.7 megabytes of new information will be collected every second for each individual on the planet.”


Webinar speaker J-P De Clerck maintains that with this unprecedented influx of data comes a proportionate increase in the volume and variety of business information available to decision makers. To create and maintain their competitive advantage, businesses and other organizations will need to overhaul their digital strategies.


“Business information is at the center of the emerging digital ecosystem. It's a key business asset, value driver and becoming an economic good as such,” said De Clerck. However, he added, “Without a clear purpose and integration of information sources to serve the end user, information doesn't lead to tangible competitive benefits.”


As organizations prepare their business information strategies, how can they make the most of this new information diversity and what challenges do they face?


Focusing on the challenges surrounding the proliferation of data sources, this webinar aims to provide an actionable roadmap for information professionals, IT leaders, and senior management alike.


According to De Clerck, “Mastering the full information value chain and getting the right information to the right system, process and user at the right time is essential.” This is easier said than done, he said, adding, “Both the diversity and volume of information sources have exploded. How do you bring them all together? How do you extract what you need to succeed from numerous sources in multiple formats? And what does the future hold?”


The webinar will cover of a number of key topics, including the state and challenge of information chaos, the explosion of unstructured data, multi-channel and multi-format integration, and the need for artificial intelligence.


It will also cover the importance of taking a holistic information approach in the API economy, in order to connect the dots (and docs). And how, by taking such an approach, organizations can tap into the value of the information age to create a highly personal and tailored future for business information. Register online for the webinar.


J-P De Clerck is a digital transformation and information analyst. He will explore the rich diversity of existing and emerging information sources and formats, the ways to extract value from them and how to offer that value to the increasingly mobile and connected decision maker in mind - today and in the future. To learn more visit the i-SCOOP website.


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