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New InfoDesk Energy Industry Blog Examines Brexit Impact And Other Trending Industry Topics

June 30, 2016

InfoDesk has launched a weekly blog designed specifically to keep energy industry professionals updated on the changing energy landscape. The new Energy Industry blog provides weekly updates on all aspects of the energy industry, including oil and gas, nuclear and renewable energy news, as well as regulation and other global market trends.

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InfoDesk Puts a Price Tag on Information Overload

May 25, 2016

InfoDesk to Speak at SLA 2016 on Calculating the Real Cost of Business Content -Download Free 9-Page White Paper

TARRYTOWN, NY (PRWEB) Lynn Epstein, InfoDesk COO, will participate in a panel discussion entitled "Moving Beyond Aggregation: The New Wave of Content Curation Tools" at the upcoming Special Libraries Association’s 2016 Annual Conference and Info-Expo (SLA 2016) in Philadelphia. InfoDesk will also exhibit at SLA 2016, which will run from June 12-14.
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InfoDesk Launches Consulting Industry News, Trends And Insights Blog

April 29, 2016

New InfoDesk blog helps consultants monitor the changing consulting industry information landscape
TARRYTOWN, NY (PRWEB) InfoDesk, a leading provider of information management and content curation solutions, has launched a new  Consulting Industry Blog. The new blog was developed specifically for professional services consultants that need to monitor the changing consulting industry information landscape, including disruptive technology, fintech news and other global market trends.
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InfoDesk Announces Complimentary Webinar— The Information Hoarding Epidemic

March 25, 2016

New InfoDesk webinar discussed information hoarding in the workplace: causes and solutions. Download recording and slides now


InfoDesk, in cooperation with the Special Libraries Association’s Pharmaceutical & Health Technology (PHT) Division, presented a complimentary webinar, “The Information Hoarding Epidemic: Causes and Solutions,” on Tuesday, April 19, at 10:00 a.m. EDT. Download recording and slides now

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InfoDesk Welcomes 2016 Mercy College Interns

February 5, 2016

InfoDesk Announces New Internship Program For Mercy College Business Students

InfoDesk has announced that four Mercy College students have been selected to participate in InfoDesk’s newly established internship program. The new internship program was developed in cooperation with Mercy College’s Business Honors Program to provide outstanding students with professional development opportunities with InfoDesk, a Tarrytown-based technology company. InfoDesk is a leading provider of information management solutions to leading companies, government agencies and other organizations worldwide.

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InfoDesk Releases PipelinePlus 2.0 Pharmaceutical Intelligence Platform

January 8, 2016

Newly redesigned interface simplifies drug pipeline research for decision-makers, investors and experienced researchers alike.

InfoDesk has released a new and more powerful version of PipelinePlus, its pharmaceutical intelligence platform that dramatically simplifies drug pipeline research, monitoring and sharing. The new version, PipelinePlus 2.0, offers a sleek new redesign with many new product features and updates to enhance searching, building or modifying queries, managing search results and exporting. Additionally, the new version exports to Excel, creates customized reports, generates funnel chart visualizations and exports easily to BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines.

“We are very excited about all the enhancements in the new version of PipelinePlus,” said Sterling Stites, InfoDesk CEO. “Not only does the new interface look great—it’s easier to use.” What’s more, Stites said, “PipelinePlus 2.0 is literally so powerful, it can do complex, cross-database drug pipeline searches that once took days, in a matter of minutes.” No doubt, he added, pharmaceutical executives, researchers and investors “will immediately recognize the value of this powerful new tool.”

Download the new PipelinePlus 2.0 fact sheet.

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InfoDesk Launches Life Science Intelligence Blog

December 17, 2015

New InfoDesk blog provides curated life science news, trends and insights.

InfoDesk, a leading provider of information management and content curation solutions, has launched a new Life Science Intelligence blog. The new blog was created for life science information professionals, including knowledge management competitive intelligence and regulatory professionals, seeking “actionable intelligence” about the healthcare industry, particularly life science news, trends and insights.

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InfoDesk Announces Complimentary Webinar—How To Promote Online Information Resources

November 10, 2015

New webinar explains how information professionals can drive online information usage and increase ROI.

InfoDesk, in cooperation with the Special Libraries Association’s Pharmaceutical & Health Technology (PHT) Division, will present complimentary webinar, “How To Promote Online Information Resources”

The webinar is designed to help information professionals, including librarians and knowledge management professionals, understand how to promote their online information services more effectively. Additionally, it will provide practical examples of promotions that attendees can adapt for their own use.

“There’s no doubt that many online information centers are struggling to demonstrate their worth,” said webinar moderator Sean Smith. “It’s usually not because they lack great content, useful information resources or dedicated staffs. It’s usually because they don’t understand how to effectively promote their resources internally or demonstrate ROI.” This webinar, he added, will help teach them how to achieve these goals.

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InfoDesk Announces Complimentary Webinar—LinkedIn Strategies for Librarians

October 13, 2015

InfoDesk webinar explains how information professionals can leverage LinkedIn.

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Matt Rakoff Joins InfoDesk New Business Development Team

September 30, 2015

Former TAB Regional Manager Rakoff will spearhead new business development for InfoDesk in US

InfoDesk has announced that Matt Rakoff, a former Regional Manager for TAB Products, has joined InfoDesk as a New Business Development Executive. Rakoff, a seasoned Sales Manager and Account Executive for a leading provider of business products with national corporate accounts, will initiate new sales and business development efforts for InfoDesk in the US.

“Many US-based companies and organizations are actively seeking ways to streamline their business information services, including knowledge management, competitive intelligence, and regulatory intelligence,” said Sterling Stites, CEO of InfoDesk. “Matt’s business development experience, especially in corporate sector, will help InfoDesk connect with businesses and organizations seeking more effective information management solutions.”

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